These ancient and poisonous badgers, keepers of the  ancient forests, have resisted the passage of time and the presence of man.

 The protagonists of this park are the ancient yew conifers which are the witnesses of these ancient Pliocene forests.
The Protected Natural Area Nuclei di Taxus baccata extends entirely in the municipality of Badia Tedalda andis made up of predominantly wooded area with a rare forest type called Tilio-Acerion, here characterized by an unusual abundance of yew.
The yew is a very rare plant also due to the past exploitation of its wood, elastic and very resistant used for the manufacture of bows and other tools. Together with the badger (some specimens are more than 10 m high) there are also other species of the ancient Pliocene forests, such as holly and bislingua.

How to access:

There is a circular nature trail departing from Pratieghi which crosses the territory of the protected area.

How to get there: